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Couple's Counseling

- Are you unhappy with your relationship?

- Do you have the same fights over and over again?

- Do your fights get nasty or hurtful?

- Are you feeling less loved or secure than you want to?

- Have you experienced a betrayal of trust?

- Have you heard "I love you but I'm not in love with you"?


How will couple's counseling help?


- It will offer a safe place to discuss tense subjects.

- It will interrupt negative and destructive patterns of interaction.

- It will provide strategies and skills for conflict resolution.

- It will identify strengths and assets in your relationship.

- It will promote improved communication.

- It will help you rediscover the romance.


Because couples entering counseling may have established a pattern of accusation

and blame, they are often afraid that counseling will be more of the same. The work

of learning to communicate more productively begins in the first session. I believe

that with most issues, there is no “right” or “wrong”.  The goal is to understand each other’s perspective and to find a “win-win” resolution of your differences.

Read articles from my blog to learn more about my marriage-friendly approach

to improving relationships.


"We cannot thank you enough for all you taught us. We talk about you often, and even our friends and family comment on just how different we are."


Sherrie and Dave,

married 8 years

"We are still going strong using the skills you taught us. Thank you."


Eileen and Brent, 

married 2 years

"Thank you for always being there with words of wisdom, with kindness, and with consistent support to help us through. You have a gift."


Jennifer and Alex

dating 2 years

Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

-Communication breakdown

-Anger, resentment or contempt

-Apathy, detachment or distance



-Repeating old arguments

-Decreased sexual activity




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