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Most of us are seeking peace of mind, contentment and satisfying relationships. The process of therapy can address the thoughts, feelings and issues that prevent us from feeling good about our lives. 

Some of the reasons people seek individual therapy are:

Some of the reasons couples seek relationship counseling are:

To resolve a past or recent trauma. 

To deal with stressful life circumstances. 

To address symptoms of anxiety or depression. 

To cope with loss or grief. 

To discover or create meaning in life. 

To resolve vague feelings of unhappiness. 

To improve self-esteem. 

To promote personal growth. 

To deal with difficult life transitions. 

To recover from addictions. 

To improve interactions with others. 

To reduce conflict. 

To change negative dynamics. 

To improve communication. 

To heal old hurts. 

To prevent divorce. 

To rediscover the spark. 

To prepare for marriage. 

To navigate family transitions. 

To co-parent more effectively. 

To create a healthy blended family. 


Individual or couples' therapy offers many possibilities for you to feel better. Therapy can help you find hope about your situation, learn new coping strategies or relationship skills, change self-defeating behavior patterns, manage dysfunctional thoughts and let go of things that interfere with your well-being. Take the first step. Contact me to schedule an appointment. 

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